The Green Life Warehouse has partnered with Australia Post and Couriers Please as our Couriers for the Delivery of items. Freight has been calculated on these costs. The Courier will be determined based on location of the customer.

Standard Shipping

All postage will be sent though Standard shipping with the selected carrier. Every order has a flat shipping rate of $15.00.

Free Shipping

Free Standard shipping will be offered on orders over $75.00. It will be calculated automatically at the check out no code will be needed. The package will be sent through Standard shipping with our selected provider. 

Shipping Times

Below are the estimated times given by our Couriers from their website. Please note shipping times with very depending on your location and selected shipping provider. Due to Covid 19 there may be delays in shipping.

Australia Post Standard Shipping : 2-6 business days from dispatch

Couriers Please Standard Shipping : 2-6 business days from dispatch

Friday Afternoon & Weekend Orders

Please note all orders placed after 11am on a Friday and any weekend orders will be processed on the following Monday.

Domestic mail - Undeliverable articles

An article may be deemed undeliverable if:

  • In the reasonable opinion of the delivery driver it does not bear an address sufficient for delivery

  • It is endorsed, or is otherwise known to the courier service, that the addressee is unknown or does not receive articles at the address on the article

  • There are no receptacles or facilities for receipt of the article or the receptacle or facilities provided are inadequate.

Refused Articles

Where in the reasonable opinion of the delivery driver an addressee has declined to accept delivery of an article or where an article has been placed in a box or bag in which the addressee usually receives articles and is subsequently returned endorsed with an indication that the addressee has declined to accept delivery of the article, the article shall be deemed to be refused by its addressee.

Method of dealing with unclaimed articles etc.
When an article is unclaimed, refused by, or undeliverable to, its addressee, the article shall be returned to The Green Life Warehouse.

Express mail

No express postage will be offered. Only regular postage is available.