Why Choose Organic?

Food and ingredients produced via organic farming is food as natural as it can be, the way it should be! Not only is organic food without all the nasties (aka GMO, preservatives and chemicals) which is a key ingredient to living a healthy life! BUT when supporting organic farming, you’re directly combating climate change! Organic farming allows wildlife to prosper and reduces the amount of carbon and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Keep reading to find out more benefits to choosing organic.

Reasons why it’s better for you:

  • It’s a better experience – it tastes better! It is believed this is the case because the produce is allowed to grow at its own pace and hasn’t had any synthetic fertilisers involved during its growth period. Research has also shown that organic food has up to 69% higher levels of antioxidants, which contributes to its more vibrant flavour. (Source)
  • The most commonly used herbicide roundup (also known as Glyphosate) has been classified as a “probable human carcinogen,” by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. (Source) Do we need to say anymore? If eating organic food, diminishes your intake of this carcinogenic herbicide – why wouldn’t you choose organic? Long term exposure to these chemicals will have an impact on our health.

Source: Foodrevolution.org

Reasons why it’s better for our environment:

  • Did you know, our soil has its own microbiome? Continued exposure to pesticides and fertilizers degrades the quality of our soil’s microbiome to the point where it can no longer be useful. However, organic farming allows for the soil to flourish and continually be harvested. Allowing for the circle of farming to continue as it is supposed to, decreasing the wastage of land and supporting the environments natural functions. (Source)
  • Something you may not have known, but organic farming actually has been proven to reverse the effects of climate change. Organic farms have approximately 44% higher levels of humic acid, the component of soil that carbon over the long term, than farms not managed organically. The soil then eats up the carbon which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere on commercial farms. (Source)

Plus, considering recent circumstances we should all be buying locally, supporting our Australian, minority farmers is the future of sustainability!