Simple Household Eco Swaps

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It all starts from the small changes & ripple effects from there, & what a great place to start! With switching everyday products for an eco friendly, compostable alternative! ♻ ⠀

With our plastic filled world and the ever growing urge to make a change before it’s ultimately to late – alternatives are much easier to find and in turn, more accessible for making a forever lifestyle change.

You may not even have given much thought to swapping these mundane, everyday items to a more eco friendly option – so we’ll help you out!

4 Easy swaps:

  • Bin bags INSTEAD Bin bags made with compostable corn material
  • Kitchen wraps and zip lock bags INSTEAD Beeswax/ compostable sandwich bags
  • Doggie waste bags INSTEAD compostable doggie bags
  • Mailer bags INSTEAD compostable alternative

So, what ARE the best alternatives for plastic? We’re glad you asked!

As follows, these are the most eco-friendly materials, either compostable, quickly biodegradable or inclusive to the circular economy (can be reused numerous times):

Glass – while this is not biodegradable, it is infinitely reusable!

Wood – from sustainably-managed forests, wood can replace MOST single use items!

Bamboo – Light weight, durable and compostable – it’s become a go to choice for alternatives, as it’s now the fastest renewable resource.

Stainless Steel – Tableware, coffee cups, lunch boxes – stainless steel is made for life, reusable and durable. An excellent alternative.

Beeswax – Specifically to replace kitchen wraps and food bags, this material is great because it’s reusable! Plus compostable when it’s ready to go. Send the kids to school with their lunches wrapped in this alternative and allow they to set a great example!

Cardboard – is completely compostable at home, as long as it’s not coated in plastic! Defeats the purpose, right?!

Just to name a few!

Did you know?

That by composting, a typical family can reuse more than 300 Kilograms of waste each year? 🙀⠀
Making the switch to compostable plastic bags such as Biotuff (& any other certified compostable products + reusables) will help reduce the volume of litter on the Earth 🌏 ⠀

All their products are: ⠀
♻ 100% Compostable & Biodegradable⠀
♻ Withstand temperatures between -18 & 60 degrees⠀
♻ Certified Compostable to Australian Standards⠀
♻ GMO Free & No Petroleum Additives⠀
♻ Safe for food storage fridge / freezer⠀

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