Our Top Easter Gift Ideas

Easter, the holiday of chocolate eggs, Easter bunny’s, religious celebrations and school holidays! A holiday which is heavily endorsed by shops for it’s consumerism appeal.

If you’re like us, we try to enjoy the holidays in the most sustainable way possible. A regular customer once told me that their family has ‘rules’ for the holidays and when it comes to gifting. To be honest, they sound a lot like how I try to go about my present buying antics.

  1. Gifts are to be purchased from a local business – supporting another family and local businesses
  2. Sustainable in some way, encouraging sustainability etc
  3. Not to go overboard with buying ‘things’.


Here is a few of our top picks for this years Easter presents + a reasoning as to why they fit our holidays rules:

Loco Love Lovers Box – lets start with the typical Easter present, chocolate! However this chocolate gift box is more than your dairy, sugar filled candy. This chocolate is GOOD for you, with so many benefits- filled with adaptogens and tonic herbs. Each purchase you make, they donate 1 day’s worth of grain seeds to nourish a child in Africa. Oh and did we mention it’s actually the BEST chocolate we have ever tasted! Change somebodies life this Easter and introduce them to a healthier way of ‘treating yo’self.

Loco Love Chocolates
Jack n Jill Toothbrush + Rinse Cup – Something for the kiddies. They all love animal themed utensils, it’s the secret to getting them to do what they want. “You can brush your teeth using Mr Bunny” and bam, they’re suddenly excited to brush their teeth – It’ll work a charm. Jack & Jill is also ZERO WASTE and plastic free with packaging made from corn, both the toothbrush and rinse cup is completely Bio-degradable for when their use enviably comes to an end.
Jack & Jill Tooth Brush
Easter Themed Experience – Maybe there is a musical showing at a local theatre, which someone would be interested in? A new Easter themed movie out in the cinemas? Get creative! Support local, and buy less one ‘thing’!
Chow Cacao Chocolate – Yet another chocolate option because well, it is Easter after all! Chow Cacao is vegan, and without all the nasties – only using coconut sugar as it doesn’t spike your blood sugar unlike refined sugar. Small business owned by husband and wife duo located in Byron Bay. Chow Cacao packaging + handling is completely eco-friendly and compostable. Support a small business, with zero waste and inspire someone to swap out regular dairy chocolate this Easter!
CHOW CACAO Chocolate