It’s our second Christmas! Two-year business recap

The first few Christmases of a child’s life is one of the most overly exciting and over the top celebrations. As a business we have replicated this, and for our second Christmas anniversary in this beautiful community, we have brought the festive cheer to North Lakes. Thrown a Christmas party like you’ve never seen a business throw one – and not the kind of Christmas party only for staff, no. This day was specially for our community members who continue to support our small, family owned, eco-friendly business! We owe it all to you guys, after all. Merry Christmas!

We spent weeks leading up to the big day creating festive inspired beverages (better than Starbucks, if we do say so ourselves!) gift hampers, setting up our Christmas tree, organizing a jumping castle and even puppies to cuddle! – we really went all out.



By now, if you missed out, you’re probably super bombed! Rightly so, you definitely missed out on a great day with plenty of freebies! But don’t fret, it’s not all rain and no sunshine - hosting events are kind of our thing (we’re not your typical café!) so don’t forget to follow us on socials and next time, you won’t miss out!

What we have achieved so far:

Sixteen months ago, we noticed an absence of eco-friendly centered retail stores and all-inclusive plant-based (keto & GF included) cafes. We saw an opportunity to enhance the community. After months of planning, mistake making, lesson learning, trial and error, we manifested the Green Life Warehouse you all know and love today. We think we’ve done a pretty great job, PLUS we’re only getting started!

Fast forward - again, in just under a year we decided to renovate the space and the entire business design. Cutting out aspects of the business and introducing more of what YOU asked for! After a ton of feedback and surveys, we got to work. Reinventing the business yet again, but this is just the nature of innovation.



Just a few of our milestones:

  • Surviving our first renovation and successfully glowing up our place!
  • Acquiring loads of loyal, regular customers
  • Perfecting our coffee and vegan treat selection
  • Launching our beautifully designed online store
  • Hosting 5+ community events


Thank you all for coming along for the ride and helping us shape the business into what the community needs! We’re looking forward to hosting our next event and seeing you all there.


Lots of love from the Green Life team. x