How to Host a Veganuary Party!

February is not just February. It isn’t just the last month of summer, or the time for roses & lovers…

February is Veganuary! The month to celebrate and encourage Veganism with everyone around you.

Why don’t you take a moment to look back and reflect on the reason why you became vegan, and the difference that choice made to your life? There are a million reasons why a person begins to make changes to their lifestyle. What was your ”why”? Perhaps a sustainability driven one? Or maybe it had more to do with bettering your health?

Whichever it is – don’t you think you should share your positive lifestyle change with others?

“How should I do that?” You may ask. Well, what better way than to host a Veganuary dinner party!


Get ready to cook up your absolute favourite Vegan dishes and watch as all your friends marvel at the fact that it is Vegan! We’ve all heard it before – “I can’t believe this is vegan, it takes soo good!” While us plant-based eaters are like, “Duh!” Introduce them into the eye-opening possibilities of cooking with wholefood vegan food and the world of alternatives we have at our fingertips.

Not to mention, we all know if you eat vegan, chances are you can eat MORE! So, prepare a five-star course, dessert included! You’ll downright change their lives.

After you’ve flipped their perspectives of the vegan lifestyle upside, challenge them to undertake the 31-Day Veganuary Challenge! Direct them to this website –Veganuary Challenge:

It all starts with you.

Check out our recipe posts for inspo!


Finishing touches are needed to really make this dinner party one for the ages, and we recommend none only, but Mr Consistent’s range of vegan cocktail mixers! Being vegan is SOO much fun, with better tasting food and a cruelty-free lifestyle… Serve the yummiest tasting cocktails and prove it!

Dinner party is a GO! Round up the pals, guarantee them free food and I’m sure they’ll come no matter how skeptic they may be. And what a fantastic tribute to the famous Veganuary! A celebration of great cruelty-free food, friends, and vegan cocktails!

CHEERS. To being Vegan.


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