How to care for your new flowers

Prink Dried Flowers

Have you just purchased some beautiful Bloom Lane Boutique dried and preserved florals and grasses?

Follow these tips and you’re sure to enjoy your native dried flowers for many months and even years to come. Dried florals and grasses are super easy to take care of. As they are a natural product, their appearance and form will change over time, but that only adds to their allure.

How to care for Native Flowers & Grasses 

  • Be gentle – Dried florals are fragile, so please handle with care. As they get older, they will become even more fragile. Occasionally some grasses and petals may fall out. This is normal but will be minimised with gentle care. It’s a good idea to keep children’s hands and pets away! This will avoid them being knocked, bumped, or end up in little mouths – they are not edible.
  • Please don’t use water! Unlike plants or fresh flowers and grasses, your dried treasures do not like water. Do not put them in a vase with water or ever spray them with water.
  • Do not put them in humid/ wet rooms like bathrooms and laundries. Otherwise, they will become weak and possibly mouldy. They love to be warm and dry at all times.
  • Dried florals love dry air. While these natives don’t need breeze, they do like fresh, dry air. Give them room to breathe but remember – don’t place them in bathrooms or laundries, or anywhere the air may be humid. Do this and they will last longer and retain their colour.
  • No direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from air conditioning, bathrooms, laundries, fish tanks, taps, kitchens, and chemicals. Fragile, smaller stems may gradually break down first, sometimes 3-4 months after purchasing. Larger stems can last up to 6 years. Colours will fade and oxidise over time.
  • Life span of any dried native flowers & grasses cannot be guaranteed.

White Dried flowers