Goodbye to the old & hello to the NEW

A Green Life Warehouse revamp story

This may be news to some of you.. but once upon a time we actually started off as a plastic straw factory.

Talk about *glow up* am I right!

So that’s where the story begins, as Australia’s leading plastic straw factory – Austraw

We quickly changed to supplying only eco-friendly packaging alternatives, starting with paper straws, all the way to palm leaf disposable dinnerware for cafes & other venues alike. Our Managing Director, Michael Krause simply did not want to be apart of the waste problem (it’s a big yes from me!).

From there, ‘ByGreen’ was born! The packaging warehouse which has been integrated with ‘Green Life Warehouse’. Hence, the massive warehouse you are all shocked to walk into! Now, a market leader in the eco-friendly disposable packaging space.

There are many good things that came out of COVID (a lot not so great also), but our baby – Green Life Warehouse was born. After the packaging business was heavily affected by COVID, Mick being the thinker that he is, decided to diversify the business! At first, it was just an express cafe for venue owners to enjoy whilst purchasing their supplies. However, soon more ideas spawned into what we have today – plant based cafe, health foods store, sustainable products, homewares, cleaning products and MORE.

As you may have guessed, we’re no stranger to revamping and rebranding & in this case, we’re simply upgrading everything that has been working for us this past year!

What does that mean? What’s next for the Green Life Warehouse?


we’re still going to be the ‘Green Life Warehouse’ and while we’re slowly phasing out the health foods store.. we’re keeping your favourites! Mr Consistent lovers and Loco Love addicts, don’t fret! We’re keeping these incredibly popular products.

In regards to our organic bulk foods, a few selected items will STAY! They will just be available in either the cafe extended space (still up in the air) OR near the cafe.

Our main focus is now going to be on hosting amazing events which you all really enjoy, stocking more homewares + beauty + sustainable products and creating a really warm, aesthetic, community space for all our lovely locals!

Growing our COMMUNITY is a top goal for us, we want to be the ‘place to be’, a space available to hold your special events/ workshops, and your favourite local coffee stop with the best vegan treats in town!

Speaking of events, we’re now committed to hosting one every month! So block out your Saturdays, you’ve got plans with us! Keep an eye out for more Coffee & Clothing Rummages, Fun Workshops, & MORE. Always featuring live music and something to keep the kids occupied.


the big question, “what is going next door in the health food store?”

To be honest with you, it’s still up in the air. BUT, there’s a ton of talk about extending the eating space of the cafe, which then can also be used as extra space for hiring + for our monthly events. One thing I can tell you now? The entire place is getting a HUGE makeover! Think chic, emerald, black interior and a gorgeous new room where the health foods currently is. We are super duper excited to get started, and even more excited for the final result to be revealed!

Did we mention… the website is also taking a huge pivot and has been completely redesigned (launching soon) to be much more user friendly and just overall – beautiful. If shopping online is your jam, then we’ll be your new favourite flavour!

We can’t wait to have you along for the entire journey & a BIG thank you to those of you who have been supporting us since the beginning of the Green Life Warehouse! We couldn’t have made it this far without you.