Matcha Tea Latte recipe using Naked Syrups Powder

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Matcha Latte Recipe (using Naked Syrups Matcha Tea Powder)

The Greenlife Cafe has recently started selling the cult brand Naked Syrups in both syrup flavourings and powders.

Matcha is the newest beverage that we simply couldn't ignore. Matcha is a well-known staple drink in Japan, but thanks to social media, it has gone global in popularity over the last few years. This powder can also be used for special versions of this drink, such as an Iced Strawberry Matcha.

The reason The Greenlife Cafe loves selling the Naked Syrups range is because it’s natural, Vegan Australia Certified, and also Gluten-Free! We love a brand that covers all bases and doesn't compromise on flavours or quality.


- 10 grams of Naked Syrup Matcha Tea Powder
- Milk of your choice


- Add 10 grams Matcha Powder to your cup
- Add Steamed Milk half way & Stir Well. Then top cup up with steam milk.
- Alternatively you can add 20 grams of Spiced Chai Powder to your milk pitcher of steam milk, steam it and serve.
- Sip and Savour your new favourite beverage.