FRUIT FIRST Breakfast Bowl


Eating fruit for breakfast and as the first thing you digest, is super duper easy on your stomach.


Fruit takes almost 0% energy to digest, fruit is after all a ton of water and great minerals. Which leads me to the next reason why fruit first is so great for you – hydration! After numerous hours sleeping and without the intake of water, your body is pretty dehydrated at this point.

FRUIT helps speed up your hydration process in the morning, which is just so beneficial for so many reasons (I don’t think I need to explain why).

Personally, (and this is just my personal experience), but since implementing ‘fruit first’ and only fruit until 12pm, I’ve seen a MASSIVE change in the health of my skin, I rarely bloat, and I lost a few kilos (just from my body having time to rest and digest easily).



PRELIMINARY studies of fossil teeth have led an anthropologist to the startling suggestion that early human ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses. Nor were they omnivorous. Instead, they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit. (NYTIMES, 1979)

Did you know, that during the late night hours and into the morning your body is in an elimination state? Do you notice most of us go to the bathroom in the morning, when we first wake up? Fruit is the best thing you could eat during this time. Since it does not use much energy to digest nor does it remain long in the stomach to be digested, so it doesn’t interfere with the elimination state.

A light & clean breakfast is much better than a heavy breakfast meal, which ultimately hinders fat breakdown over the course of the day.

Fruits for breakfast helps by providing valuable enzymes, fibre and prebiotics to trigger digestive juices in our stomach and wash out old waste matter from the previous day. Fruit fibre cleanses the colon thoroughly and leaves you feeling light and refreshed for the rest of the day.

Over the last few months I’ve created a ton of different variations of my fruit breakfast bowl & I’m going to share with you my current favourite!

Now, the best thing about this way of eating breakfast is – well fruit is pretty damn good. You can’t complain about eating yummy sweet fruit first thing in the morning.

Did I mention.. you can also include cacao nibs! Yes that’s right you can even include raw chocolate! Because for some of you who may not know.. Cacao is a FRUIT. It’s also neutral for your stomach (of alkaline nature), something else that is neutral that I like to include, is Bee Pollen.


Susan Curtis, natural health director at Neal’s Yard Remedies, told the Huffington Post. “Bee Pollen is the richest source of vitamins in a single food,” explains Curtis. “A nutrient powerhouse of eighteen vitamins including a B complex, all essential amino acids, fatty acids, RNA/DNA nucleic acids, enzymes, and is at least 25% protein.”

I LOVE making a smoothie based for my fruit, so lets get stuck into the recipe!





Try sticking with organic ingredients for all of the following:

  • Pure Acai (Amazonia) OR Frozen Pitaya (Dragon fruit, Amazonia)
  • Coconut Water
  • Half Frozen Banana

Blend all the above ingredients into a thick smoothie consistency.


All are optional

  • CACAO – Mood Booster + Improve Blood Flow to Brain
  • GOJI BERRIES – Powerful Antioxidant
  • BEE POLLEN – Decreased Inflammation
  • FROZEN BERRIES – Loaded With Antioxidants
  • DRAGONFRUIT – High in Vitamin C
  • KIWI FRUIT – Supports Heart Health, Digestive Health, and Immunity
  • INCA BERRIES – Highest Fibre Content of Dried Fruit

Enjoy eating the yummiest, most natural and cleanest source of food there is! 💚

Full credit to @kenzieburke who inspired me to begin ‘fruit first’.

Amelia – From Green Life Warehouse